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Does The NEBOSH Diploma Expire?

Written by Astutis Blog on 28 November 2019 10:00:00 GMT

One question many potential applicants for the NEBOSH Diploma have is whether or not the course expires.

Like other NEBOSH courses, the Diploma does not expire. However, it is best practice to keep up to date with the latest legislation and health and safety news.

While you will only be marked on the units of the NEBOSH Diploma qualification at the time, it is crucial to remember the changing nature of the health and safety industry and what that means for legislation, laws and the implementation of health and safety in the workplace.

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Who Is The NEBOSH Diploma for?

Written by Harriet Richards on 27 November 2019 15:00:00 GMT

The NEBOSH Diploma is considered the ‘gold standard’ in Health and Safety qualifications. That’s why it can lead to higher salaries and better job prospects. But who is the NEBOSH Diploma for and what makes you the right candidate for this qualification?

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4 Reasons Why You Should Take The NEBOSH Diploma

Written by Rosie Thomas on 27 November 2019 11:45:03 GMT

NEBOSH are highly respected within the health and safety industry. They work with organisations, businesses and governments to help shape the workplace and the health and safety profession. So it's no wonder their professional qualification, the NEBOSH Diploma, is one of the most popular health and safety qualifications around the world. 

Here are 4 reasons why you should consider taking the NEBOSH Diploma as your next challenge. 

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Introducing Our New NEBOSH General Certificate Online Course

Written by Rosie Thomas on 31 October 2019 14:00:01 GMT

We’ve come a long way since we first started creating online courses back in 2012. Our course development has doubled to include learning designers, multimedia developers, graphic designers, health and safety experts and project managers. And our online course portfolio has grown to include not just accredited health and safety courses, but custom-made online training programs for some of the biggest companies around the world. 

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Top Tips for Managing and Reducing Stress

Written by Astutis Blog on 28 October 2019 11:28:37 GMT

As part of our initiative for International Stress Awareness Week 2019, which runs from 4-8 November, Astutis are hosting a special guest blog from the International Stress Management Association:

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NEBOSH General Certificate Online

Written by Astutis Blog on 25 October 2019 07:59:21 BST

Taking the NEBOSH General Certificate Online is one of the most convenient ways to get your entry qualification into health and safety. You can work from anywhere, from any device with the online course meaning you can complete the Certificate in your own time, at your own pace.

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NEBOSH Diploma Study Guide

Written by Jason Mordecai on 06 October 2019 09:26:00 BST

You're standing at the start line of your NEBOSH Diploma journey. You're armed with your study materials, computer and notebook. You've got 4 units and 500 hours of study ahead of you. Then someone yells - GO!

The problem is, you haven't studied in a long time. It suddenly dawns on you how much work you've got and you start to feel a little bit anxious. 

Don't worry - we've all been there.

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What Causes Mistakes and Near Misses at Work?

Written by David Bryan BSc, CMIOSH, CMAPS on 18 September 2019 10:15:00 BST

Mistakes are not inevitable and near misses can be avoided. Improving the culture of businesses and teams is fundamental to effective health and safety management. So, what is a mistake and how might this lead to a near miss?

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Why take the NEBOSH General Certificate in Occupational Health & Safety?

Written by Kate James on 06 September 2019 15:31:00 BST

Are you wondering if devoting time and money (yours or your employer’s) to taking the NEBOSH General Certificate is going to be worthwhile? Read on if you want some answers to this question. Find out how the NEBOSH Certificate can start to make some positive changes to your working life – now and for the future.

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Ways to take a NEBOSH General Certificate Qualification

Written by Kate James on 06 September 2019 15:28:00 BST

If you have decided the NEBOSH General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety is the best qualification for you to develop professionally, the method you choose to study is the next important decision.

Typically the learning options available to study the NEBOSH Certificate are online (also known as e-learning) and classroom. Your circumstances such as availability and budget, preferred approach to learning and motivation will determine your choice of method. Read the features of the methods available and decide which is best for you. Our introduction to the NEBOSH General Certificate also covers these points.

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