What to look for in an IOSH Managing Safely Course provider

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If you are a manager responsible for getting a group of supervisors/managers trained in IOSH Managing Safely, or looking for yourself, we will go through some important success factors to consider, when choosing your course provider. Whatever learning method you choose, a competent course provider that is able to meet your needs is fundamental to ensuring you and your team have a successful experience.

Where should I start?

Recommendation is always a good starting point; ask colleagues and friends who may have taken IOSH Managing Safely and can offer any suggestions. Search on Google using the key words IOSH Managing Safely and review course providers' websites for some key facts. There are almost 1500 IOSH providers but don't be overwhelmed.  With such a large number of trainers available, it is worth using a set of criteria and key questions set out in the blog post to help you compare an contrast training providers and ultimately choose the best course provider and IOSH Managing Safely course for you/your staff.  

What makes a first rate IOSH course provider?

  • Choice - a provider that can offer diverse learning methods to suit you and your staff needs for example online or class training or a combination of both
  • Quality learning experience – find out the tutors’ qualifications and experience, the training resources used, structure and style of learning, pass rates
  • Value for money – do employees complete the course with renewed confidence to make their workplace a safer place leading to improved performance?
  • Ongoing support – find out the level of individual support and also  guidance when organising training especially if it is for numerous staff members

Choice of learning options for staff

Finding a provider that offers a real choice of learning methods can be a deal breaker especially if you are responsible for getting many employees certified in IOSH Managing Safely within a specific time period. A course provider that can offer you choice is essential. Find out what learning methods are available, for example:

  • Online/elearning
  • Class-based courses at centres across the UK
  • Training at your company either online or class-based where a tutor comes to your premises or a combination of both

Whatever your objectives and requirements are, for taking or organising this course, how and when the course is completed is very important. If you have staff based on different company sites, working diverse shift patterns, you need to find an IOSH Managing Safely course that suits everybody. Your main goal is that they successfully complete the course and use what they have learnt in their job to make it a safer and more productive workplace. Read more about the ways of taking IOSH Managing Safely.

Flexible Online IOSH Managing Safely

If you need a flexible learning method for yourself or employees, online learning offers a very convenient solution. 

Quality online learning experience

To get the most out of your course, a good online IOSH Managing Safely will provide:

Flexible online IOSH Managing Safely
  • Easy-to-use and interactive learning full of multimedia activities such as video, audio, quizzes etc.
  • Progress checks throughout the course as a measure that staff understand the concepts and know how to use it in their job
  • Real workplace situations so learners can practise what they learn
  • Tutor support
  • Reporting on staff’s progress and completion of the course

Need to get Staff IOSH Certified online by a Target Date?

If you need to get staff certified in IOSH Managing Safely online within a specific time frame, a good training provider should have the resources to help everyone achieve this. Efficient reporting of online course progress is essential for managers to check staff’s progress and completion.

If you think your staff may struggle to successfully complete online IOSH Managing Safely for different reasons, some companies adopt a more structured approach to training with a target completion date. A scheduled programme is developed using online learning but with additional support of tutor-led learning day(s) and webinars, detailed learner progress reports and company discussion forums. Find out from the course provider how they will get all your employees successfully through an online IOSH Managing Safely for your target date so you know that you won't be constantly chasing staff members who are not completing the course online.

Astutis offers a more structured and supported programme for companies and their staff who have a target date to get all staff fully trained in IOSH Managing Safely.

Classroom based learning


If you prefer class-based learning, check if the training provider offers IOSH Managing Safely near you and the frequency of these courses. It’s also important to know what is actually included in the price such as course materials, refreshments, lunches and parking.

Quality classroom learning experience

Find out about the tutors’ qualifications and experience from course providers by reviewing their CVs and the training resources available. Both these features need to be of a good quality for the course to be a positive and successful experience.

Check how many people are typically in a class and find out how the learning is organised. Is it interactive? Is there much group work? Do you practise using the content in typical workplace scenarios?
For classroom training at your premises for a group of staff, find out if there is an opportunity to tailor the training so it is very relevant to your organisation for example using your company risk assessments or policies.

Quality Learning

As well as the quality features of the learning experience for online and class-based, ask for case studies, testimonials, samples of materials and a trial of the online course so you can decide for yourself.

Approved IOSH Training Provider

It’s worth looking at the course provider’s credentials most importantly check they have the IOSH logo  - approved training provider for the IOSH Managing Safely which demonstrates their course has been approved by IOSH. Check if they have any other marks of quality such as ISO 9001 accreditation, which reflects they work to a recognised quality standard.

Value for Money

Training is an additional expense but if it is effective and achieves its objective then it is value for money. If by successfully completing IOSH Managing Safely, staff changes in behaviour leads to a positive safety culture, the company benefits will automatically prove IOSH training is a worthy investment. Key benefits to the company will be cost  saving and increased production due to reduced accidents and disruption.

A good course provider will have excellent results in IOSH Managing Safely where all learners firstly, do complete the course whether it is online or class-based and secondly, are well equipped with the knowledge and skills to manage safety in the workplace and embed good practice.

Ongoing Support

Another distinctive feature of a good course provider is the level of real support, offered to learners and for people organising the best IOSH Managing Safely course for their staff.

Get answers to these questions: do learners get tutor support during the course and how is this offered? For class-based courses, is the tutor available to answer specific questions in class or during the breaks? Similarly, for online learners can they phone or email someone and get their questions answered.

If you are organising training class-based or online for a number of employees, what level of support and project management can you expect? Find out if the course provider will offer an account manager to understand what your staff learning needs and challenges are and also be available to offer the best training solution managing it for you every step of the way.

Ultimately, when choosing a course provider there are many factors to consider to make sure you and your company get the best learning experience for IOSH Managing Safely. Make sure you find the best course provider that meets your expectations!

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