What to Expect from the NEBOSH General Certificate Exams

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In this post we've gone through everything you need to know about the NEBOSH General Certificate exams so you know just what to expect.  For more in-depth information on the NEBOSH General Certificate take a look here.

What exams are there for the NEBOSH General Certificate?

Unit NG1 (IG1 for the International Certificate) is assessed though an online open book exam. This assessment is designed to test what you know and that you are able to apply it to relevant scenarios.

Unit NG2 (IG2 for the International Certificate) is a work-based assessment consisting of a health and safety inspection and written report, which you must complete within 2 weeks of taking your exam.

What can I expect from the exam?

Sitting the NEBOSH General Certificate examsOnce registered for your chosen exam date with your learning provider, you will be sent login details for the exam platform a few days before the exam. It is recommended that you log in, change your password and familiarise yourself with the platform before the day of the examination.

From 9AM on the morning of your exam, you will have 24 hours to complete and submit your answers. You do not have to complete the examination all in one go, take your time to review your resources and to apply your knowledge.

Although you are given 24 hours to complete your exam, it is expected that the full assignment should take between 4 and 5 hours to complete. You are not expected to be working for all of that time - the 24 hour period is to allow for learners in different time zones and careful consideration of answers. 

The exam paper

The open book assessment will begin by giving you a scenario. This will typically describe a realistic organisation or workplace. The scenario may go on to outline a developing situation, such as an incident or safety intervention. You may be asked to imagine that you hold a specific role within the described organisation, for example Safety Manager.

You will be asked to carry out a series of tasks, which may be split into several sub-tasks. The maximum marks available for each task will be specified to help you manage your time. The paper will ask you a number of questions that are worth a total of 100 marks overall. 

Pass rates

To achieve your NEBOSH General Certificate qualification you have to pass both assessments.
The actual pass mark can vary, but it’s usually set at 45% for NG/IG1 and 60% for NG/IG2. Once you’ve passed both assessments, you will achieve the full certificate. Your overall mark (Pass, Merit, Distinction) will be based upon your score in the open book exam. You simply need to achieve a pass in the practical assignment. 

When will I get my exam results?

NGC certificateNEBOSH will email you your results within 50 days of sitting your exam. They’ll use the email address that you put on your booking form, so make sure you double check it’s typed correctly. If you haven’t received your results in that time then contact your course provider and they’ll be able to help.

Your hard copy certificate will be sent out shortly after you receive your results and will display your final qualification grade; pass, credit or distinction.

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