How Much Does the NEBOSH General Certificate Cost?

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The number one question people want to know about the NEBOSH General Certificate is, of course, how much does it cost? The answer is – it depends.

The price of the course will be different for each course provider and is largely determined by your chosen learning method and location. Whatever learning method you choose, you’ll also need to consider additional costs such travel, extra support, exams and VAT.

Is the NEBOSH General Certificate worth the cost?

Before we jump into costs, it’s important you understand exactly what you’ll be getting out of the NEBOSH General Certificate so you can make an informed decision as to whether the cost of the course is worth it to you, and your employer. Our delegates tell us that there are 4 main reasons for taking the NEBOSH General Certificate:

  • Develop your career opportunities – over 90% of HSE job advertisements ask for the NEBOSH General Certificate as a minimum.
  • Increase your health and safety knowledge – the NEBOSH General Certificate will give you an understanding of key issues so you’re able to manage health and safety within your role.
  • Gain practical skills to use in your job – the practical elements of the course will help you develop the skills such as planning, assessing situations and management report writing.
  • Achieve and maintain compliance in your company – a key element of the NEBOSH General Certificate is the HSE legal system and regulations, so you’ll be able to make sure your company is meeting recognised standards and adhering to legislation and codes of practice.

NEBOSH General Certificate online prices

NEBOSH General Certificate costAstutis offers the NEBOSH General Certificate online course at £450 (excluding exams & VAT).

The price of the online course with other providers will differ based on the amount of support on offer and the amount of time you have access for. Some course providers may have sneaky additional fees so make sure you check some of the following before you book:

Additional support

Every online course will give you access to course materials, but additional support features such as webinars, assignment feedback, tutor support or revision sessions may come at an additional cost. It’s worth asking for a trial or demo of the course so you can get to grips with it, and then ask your provider about any additional features you think you may need. 

Exam fees

The NEBOSH General Certificate requires you to sit 2 x exams and a written assignment. Exams are run throughout the year so as an online learner, you have the flexibility to sit your exams at any point, when you feel ready. However this does mean that exam fees aren’t usually included in the price of your online course. Astutis offers the NEBOSH General Certificate exams for £250 + VAT, which includes registration fees.

Extension fees

You’ll want to check how long you have access to your course for. If you’re getting towards the end of your course and you feel you aren’t ready to sit your exams yet and want to extend your access, you’ll usually be charged an extension fee. Check how much this is before you book so that you don’t get any costly surprises.

NEBOSH General Certificate classroom prices

Classroom courses are usually the more expensive learning option. The price of your course will always include tuition for the duration of the course (this can vary between providers but is usually 2 weeks) and course materials, but there are additional costs that you’ll need to consider too, such as:

  • Lunch and refreshments throughout your course
  • Parking costs
  • Travel costs
  • Accommodation costs
  • Exams – most providers will include these within your classroom course price, however it’s always worth checking, just in case!

For further information on the different ways to take the NEBOSH General Certificate take a look at our Introduction!

Working outside the UK?

If you are not based in the UK, learn more about the NEBOSH International General Certificate and the price.

Bear in mind that the price of your course will also vary depending on the location; courses held in large cities such as London will generally be more expensive.

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