NEBOSH General Certificate - NEW Risk Assessment Practical Key Facts Part 1

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Guidance on how to complete your NEBOSH Certificate Risk Assessment

It's great news that you are taking the Risk Assessment Practical of NEBOSH's latest version (2018 spec) of the National and International General Certificate. Why? Because it is a very practical assessment where you can use your knowledge gained from the whole NEBOSH Certificate and put it in to practice.

This post will take you through how to complete the second Unit Risk Assessment Practical of the NEBOSH Certificate (NG2/IG2). The Risk Assessment is split into 4 stages. There are 3 blog posts to help you with this assessment. This is part 1 of the 3 parts that will cover the following:

  • Part 1: all the key facts on the NEBOSH General Certificate Risk Assessment
  • Part 2: a guide to successfully completing stages 1 and 2 of the Risk Assessment
  • Part 3: a guide on stages 3 and 4 of the Risk Assessment

Key facts on the NEBOSH General Certificate Risk Assessment Practical

So, just a reminder of the exam and assessment of the NEBOSH Certificate: it is made up of two Unit assessments. The first Unit is a single exam (Unit NG1/IG1) and the second Unit NG2/IG2, is the practical Risk Assessment. I'll give you an overview of the key factors of the Practical Assessment.  

The Unit NG2/IG2 is the practical assessment of the new NEBOSH Certificate which expects you to:

“Practically apply the knowledge and understanding that you have gained from your studies.”

You must complete a risk assessment of your workplace. In order to successfully complete this practical assessment, you must have completed your studies of the whole of the NG/IG course first.
The assessment practical itself is made up of four stages as shown in the figure below:

Unit NG2/IG2: Risk assessment

4 Stages of the NEBOSH Certificate Assessment

Pass marks

There is not a numerical mark or grading given for the assessment, just a PASS or REFERRAL (fail). NEBOSH gives marking criteria for each of the four stages of the assessment (I will go through this later in the blog). You must achieve a pass in each of the four stages of the Risk Assessment to achieve an overall pass for the whole NEBOSH Certificate. A referral (fail) in any of the four stages outlined above will result in a referral for the whole Practical.

NEBOSH guidance on the Assessment

It’s great news that NEBOSH has guidance documents on the NG2/IG2 Assessment on the NEBOSH website. You must read these thoroughly before starting your Assessment:

Submission of the Assessment

Your assessment can either be handwritten or completed electronically. The assessment pack contains two sets of forms, one for a hand written assessment and the other for an electronic submission. It is recommended that you submit electronically, but handwritten is acceptable when this is not possible.

How long should it take to complete?

The time needed to complete the assessment is not restricted. NEBOSH however, recommends that you take around three hours to complete all four stages of the assessment. The three hours should allow you to show your understanding of what is required and complete a good quality risk assessment. However, three hours is for guidance only; you may choose to take more or less time to complete your assessment if you wish.

Help from your tutor or learning provider

We advise that you discuss your approach to the Practical Assessment with your tutor after reading this guidance. Your tutor can give you advice on whether your plan is good, for example if you have chosen a suitable workplace or situation; they can check if the workplace will give enough scope to be able to tackle this assessment properly and they can offer useful other pointers. Do not submit drafts of your work to your tutor, as they are not allowed to pre-mark or comment on specific details.

What do I need to do to pass Unit NG2/IG2?

The assessment must be carried out in your own workplace. This means that your risk assessment will be realistic and provide a benefit for you and your organisation. Your workplace should be large enough to provide a sufficient range of hazard categories and hazards. If you do not have, access to a workplace speak to your course provider as something suitable can normally be arranged.

Before carrying out the assessment, speak to the management of the premises to make sure you can carry it out without endangering your own health and safety (e.g., there may restricted areas or specific PPE requirements etc.).

How is the assessment marked?

Your assessment will be marked by an examiner appointed by NEBOSH. You will receive a pass or refer (fail) for your assessment. If you are referred, you can re-submit your assessment. You have 5 years to complete your NEBOSH Certificate from when you sit your first exam or assessment.

The Assessment is broken down into 4 stages and you must achieve a pass for each of the 4 stages in order to pass the whole Assessment and therefore the NEBOSH Certificate

What's next on the NEBOSH Certificate Risk Assessment?

So, you now have an overview of the NEBOSH Certificate Risk Assessment. Follow our guide on how to successfully complete

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