How Much Does IOSH Managing Safely Cost?

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piggy-bank-spilling-moneyThe number one question on most people’s minds when looking for staff training is - how much is it going to cost? It is no different with the IOSH Managing Safely course.

It is however, a difficult question to answer as there isn’t really a flat rate for the course. It depends on a number of factors including:

  • How many people you are booking for
  • Whether you are looking to book in-company training or individual training
  • Whether you would like to do online or classroom training

Is It Worth The Money?

In order to assess whether or not the IOSH Managing Safely is worth the money, it is important that you fully understand exactly what you will be getting in return for your investment. For any learner, the course will provide:

  • An understanding of the health and safety responsibilities of a manager.
  • Knowledge on how to assess and control hazards and risks.
  • Methodology on how to correctly investigate accidents and incidents.
  • An understanding of how to measure health and safety performance.

By covering these areas, the IOSH Managing Safely course provides invaluable knowledge, crucial to maintaining the health and safety of your workforce from a management perspective. In turn this will improve productivity, reduce risk and enhance staff performance - resulting in a higher performance less disruption and cost efficiencies fort he company.

So, the answer to the question ‘Is the IOSH Managing Safely course worth it?’ is yes! Your business will see a return on investment through all of the benefits mentioned here.

Online Course Prices

Online course prices can vary depending on which provider you decide to commit to, how much support they offer and the amount of time you have access to the online resources for. Here at Astutis, our online IOSH Managing Safely course requires a £350 + VAT investment per person.

As the online course requires 16 – 32 hours of online study and can be done flexibly so this reduces the costs of taking staff out of the business for several days at a time, causing a dip in productivity.

For companies with numerous staff that need to be certified in IOSH Managing Safely, we are also able to offer group discounts on the price for per license. The more staff you want trained the lower the price per online license. If you have concerns about your staff actually completing the online course within a time-frame check if course providers can assist with a structured approach to online learning. We work with companies to develop a tailored programme suitable for all staff to successfully complete IOSH Managing Safely. The programme includes a clearly defined learning plan over an agreed time frame with additional virtual training sessions, online tutor support, and learner progress reports. This programme takes the stress out of managing staff training. We help managers responsible for training to get their staff successfully IOSH Certified in Managing Safely by a specific deadline. 

Classroom Course Prices

Classroom courses are a little more difficult to nail down and the cost can be hugely dependant on the location in which you would like to take the course, the length of course time, and the provider you decide to commit to.

Prices can range from anything between £400 - £800 + VAT so it is really worth doing your research - not only to find a course that provides value for money, but also to ensure that the course you choose provides the level of support you need so that you pass.

If you are looking to have a number of your staff take the IOSH Managing Safely course it is also worth considering the cost of having staff out of the business for 3 days at a time while they take the course at an external venue and considering a flexible alternative such as online.

Training at Your Business

If you are looking to get a number of your staff health and safety qualified, the IOSH Managing Safely course can be taken in-company either online, in a classroom, or by using our Online Plus method.

In doing the course in-company you will have access to our expert support team and a dedicated account manager who can help you determine a training programme and time scale for your delegates.

The costs associated with in-company IOSH Managing Safely training largely depends on how many members of staff you are looking to qualify and the training method chosen.

The greater number of staff taking the course, the more you will save in both time and money. Staff don’t have to be taken out of the office for several days and the course can be completed at a pace that works for them which means staff are more motivated to finish it.

Get The Most From Your Money

Whether you are looking to take this course yourself as an individual or are looking to book places on behalf of your company, Astutis can help provide you with a the best learning solution to get certified in the IOSH Managing Safely.

Our experienced staff will help determine your business’ objectives to develop a training programme that works for you and your staff, be it online or in the classroom. The learning experience can be tailored to suit your employees needs and we can even help set time scales and goals for them to ensure everyone passes on time.

For those looking to book themselves onto this course as an individual, Astutis’s health and safety experts are able to advise you as to the best learning method and what to expect on the IOSH Managing Safely course.

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Dafydd Jenkins MSc, BSc (Hons), FdSc, GradIOSH, SIIRSM

Dafydd is a Health and Safety consultant with significant expertise in environmental and occupational hygiene. He has completed over 10 years of duty with the Royal Air Force where he reported on environmental, health and safety, occupational hygiene and public health matters affecting the Air Station. He trains on IOSH and NEBOSH courses; he has a background in occupational hygiene, and food hygiene and has worked in diverse sectors including engineering, retail and leisure.