How Hard is IOSH Managing Safely?

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If you are thinking about doing a short health and safety course for team leaders such as IOSH Managing Safely but you are worried about how hard it will be to pass, read this post to reassure you that you can do it!

IOSH Managing Safely is a is a basic risk management course and used by employers globally to get their managers and supervisors trained with the practical skills to make sure their teams are working safely and effectively.

Here are the answers to the most popular questions about how difficult IOSH Managing Safely really is and all the facts abut the assessments.

How difficult is IOSH Managing Safely?

Anyone can take and pass the IOSH Managing Safely course. The IOSH Managing Safely is a level 2 course, suitable for team leaders, managers and supervisors. No prior knowledge of health and safety is required, but a good standard of English is recommended. Providing you are supplied with good course materials, resources, and high quality support and guidance, passing the course is comfortably within anyone’s reach. It is essential that you dedicate time for studying. If you are an online learner leave yourself enough time to complete the course and assessments before your access to the course runs out!

What about the IOSH Managing Safely exams, are they difficult?

Consider the exams as more of an assessment made up of a test and practical risk assessment project. So, at the end of the course, there is a 45-minute multiple-choice/short answer test consisting of 30 questions. There is also a risk assessment project, which has a practical application in the form of a risk assessment that must be carried out in your workplace. This project must be completed within 2 weeks of sitting the written test.
Read our guidance on how to study effectively on the course and how to complete the Risk Assessment Project successfully.

What are the pass rates for IOSH Managing Safely?

In order to pass IOSH Managing Safely and get your certificate, you will need to pass both the multiple-choice/short answer test and the practical work-based risk assessment.

IOSH Managing Safely Pass Marks

   Multiple-Choice Knowledge Test Risk Assessment Practical
Minimum mark required 36/60  23/38
Maximum mark required 60 60

Provided you have understood the concepts and examples in the course materials and you follow them in your test and practical risk assessment there is no reason why you cannot join 1000’s of others and achieve well above 90%.

How and where do I take the exams?

If you are enrolled on a classroom course, you will take the test in the classroom after the tutor has covered all of the course content. However, if you are an online learner, you will take the test online after you have completed all the modules of your course.

When do I get my results?

You will know if you have passed by receiving your Certificate 8 to 10 weeks after completing the course and the workplace assessment.

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