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Tom Lea BScHons, GradIOSH, AIEMA

Tom is Opeations Director at Astutis and a Health & Safety consultant with particular experience in the delivery of IOSH and NEBOSH accredited courses. He has a proven track record in the delivery of these courses to clients across a wide range of industry sectors including Aviation, Engineering, Manufacturing, Rail and Utilities. With accomplished training skills and experience of delivering the NEBOSH Certificate, he has a track record of helping delegates to achieve excellent pass rates 40% above the national average.

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7 Key Metrics Every Health and Safety Department Should Track

Written by Tom Lea BScHons, GradIOSH, AIEMA on Aug 25 2017

At the heart of a successful business lies a strong safety culture. And, just like other areas of operations, a successful company makes use of the data available to continuously work to drive up standards in health and safety, employing a range of Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) to track specific objectives.

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4 Steps to Identifying and Delivering Health & Safety Training

Written by Tom Lea BScHons, GradIOSH, AIEMA on Jun 13 2017

We know that legislation* requires employers to offer the right training for the health and safety of their staff at work. However, as well as achieving legal compliance, there are many further benefits to organisations in providing effective health and safety training - it's not just a box-ticking exercise or time-consuming burden...

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11 Tips on Worker Involvement in Safety & Health (WISH)

Written by Tom Lea BScHons, GradIOSH, AIEMA on Apr 12 2017

Worker involvement in safety and health (WISH) is a two-way process of collaboration whereby both employers and employees work together to spot, solve and own health and safety problems for the improvement of organisational safety and employee health as a whole.

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Safety and Wellness Programmes: intrinsically linked

Written by Tom Lea BScHons, GradIOSH, AIEMA on Mar 23 2017

Despite there being a direct correlation between wellness and safety in a business setting, many organisations still perceive these two disciplines as separate functions, managed by different departments with different systems, budgets and KPI’s. However, when properly connected, effective wellness and safety programmes can yield significant results in terms of accident and injury figures, lost productivity and labour and insurance costs. Furthermore, employee engagement levels and product and service quality can feel the positive effects of interlinking such programmes.

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High Reliability Organisations (HRO's) and Health & Safety: achieving enviable records

Written by Tom Lea BScHons, GradIOSH, AIEMA on Feb 21 2017

‘High Reliability Organisations’ (HRO's) are organisations that have succeeded in avoiding catastrophes in an environment where normal accidents can be expected due to risk factors and complexity. HRO’s and learning organisations push decision-making down as far as possible and rely on expertise in the field rather than on rules and punishment.

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Final rule updating walking-working surfaces standards and establishing personal fall protection systems requirements – what does this mean in practice?

Written by Tom Lea BScHons, GradIOSH, AIEMA on Jan 10 2017

OSHA general industry standards on walking-working surfaces to prevent and reduce workplace slips, trips, and falls, as well as other injuries and fatalities associated with walking-working surface hazards, become effective next week.

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Avoid Common Pitfalls in NEBOSH Certificate Practical GC3

Written by Tom Lea BScHons, GradIOSH, AIEMA on Jul 28 2015

I’ve decided to write this guide on recognising and avoiding common downfalls having marked a large number of NEBOSH Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety GC3 Practicals and realising a number of learners fall at the same hurdles. The information is not a standalone guide to completing the GC3 practical, but more of a combination of tips and tricks to be used in conjunction with the guidance provided by your course provider.

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The Business 'Triangle' - financing the uninsured loss of a workplace accident

Written by Tom Lea BScHons, GradIOSH, AIEMA on Aug 20 2014

All accidents have financial costs associated with them, broken down into two main categories

  • Insured and
  • Uninsured
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