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OHS - A Year in Review, 2016

Written by Oliver Newman on Jan 05 2017

Legal compliance and good planning are the cornerstones of any good Occupational Health and Safety policy, so it's a good time of year for those involved in the Health and Safety arena, to reflect on the past year and any significant changes therein.

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Planning for your Future in Health and Safety and the Environment

Written by Oliver Newman on Apr 28 2015

We spend a huge part of our adult lives working, so we should pay serious attention to how we can build careers that both stimulate and satisfy us.

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Health, Safety & Environmental Careers Yield Positive Results

Written by Oliver Newman on May 06 2014

Do you sometimes wonder where you are going with your health, safety and environmental career?

If your answer is yes, read the following facts extracted from recent research by *IEMA, *NEBOSH and *Health and Safety at Work publication to reassure you and shape the direction in which you are heading.

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