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Kate James

Kate is the Marketing Manager at Astutis. Having worked in the health and safety professional services sector for over 14 years she has developed an understanding of the challenges companies and individuals face. Using her experience of working with NEBOSH, IOSH and IEMA and the changes in the marketplace, she shares her knowledge on hse subject areas to provoke thought, debate and offers guidance to people. As a proud NEBOSH Certificate holder, she values and shares the importance of qualifications and the opportunities it offers people in any role.

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Studying a NEBOSH Course

Written by Kate James on Feb 01 2018

Are you planning to study a NEBOSH qualification? If the prospect of dedicating time and brainpower effectively is keeping you awake at night, read on for valuable and reassuring study techniques for studying for your NEBOSH qualification.

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How to Choose a NEBOSH Course Provider

Written by Kate James on Jan 29 2018

So you’ve decided to do a NEBOSH course and you’re on your journey to becoming a health and safety expert; the next step is to find the right course provider for you. How do you decide whom to do your NEBOSH course with? Choosing the right training provider is fundamental; a good NEBOSH course provider will dramatically influence not only passing your qualification but also being confident to use your health and safety knowledge back in the workplace.

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Ways to Take a NEBOSH Course

Written by Kate James on Jan 29 2018

If you’re thinking about taking a health and safety training course, you will have probably found NEBOSH come up, as the most widely recognised awarding body. NEBOSH is considered the ideal route to developing yourself professionally. There is a wide range of NEBOSH qualifications suitable for all job roles and industry sectors; for example there are NEBOSH Certificate courses suitable for people working in construction, oil and gas or more involved in fire responsibilities. Read the blog on Which NEBOSH Course is Right For You? Once you have decided the right course for you, the next step is to decide how you are going to take it i.e. what learning method? NEBOSH online, distance, or class based.

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Company Benefits of Staff taking the NEBOSH Certificate

Written by Kate James on Dec 15 2017

If you’ve decided to take your NEBOSH Certificate but you need to persuade your employer of its real value and benefits for the company it's worth reading on. Here are 5 tangible benefits for a company to invest time and money in getting a staff member qualified on the NEBOSH Certificate.

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NEBOSH Certificate - Most Commonly Asked Questions

Written by Kate James on Nov 09 2017

Are you considering a well-thought-of course and qualification in health and safety management such as the NEBOSH Certificate? This widely recognised and increasingly demanded qualification by employers will enable you to develop new opportunities for your career as a manager, and in health and safety.

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Choosing the Right Safety Training Provider for Your Staff

Written by Kate James on Oct 05 2017

If you have staff you need to get trained naturally, you want to get “value for money". It’s essential you don’t just go for a tick in the training box and ignore all the benefits of getting effective training. So how can you make sure you find the right trainer for your company and staff needs? Here are some questions and pointers that will hopefully provide ‘food for thought’ the next time you need a health and safety training provider.

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Implementing a Zero Accident Vision: 4 pillars of success

Written by Kate James on May 23 2017

Zero Accident Vision (ZAV) is a viewpoint stating that no one ought to be injured as the result of an accident in the workplace. More a school of thought than an actual numerical goal, in accident prevention terms, Zero Accident Vision proposes that all accidents can be prevented and offers a basis for learning from accidents and improving processes should they occur.

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Cross-sector Service Delivery in HSE Consultancy and Training: E4D/SOGA, Uganda

Written by Kate James on Apr 25 2017

Case Study

Astutis was commissioned by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH to develop and deliver Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) training and coaching to 60 participants at managerial level from 30 organisations across Uganda in order to upgrade their HSE practices and standards as part of the E4D/SOGA (Employment and Skills for Eastern Africa) programme.

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