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Helen Hodges

Learning Design and Development Manager, BSc (Hons), PGCE, PGCODE* Helen has over 16 years’ experience in the field of education, from primary school teaching to further and higher education, and adult learning. Helen’s specialist area is using technology to support and enhance the learning experience, and as such she has worked with Astutis for 3 years designing their suite of e-learning courses. Working with a team of multimedia developers Helen has ensured our range of e-learning courses provide an engaging, flexible, quality learning experience for our wide range of Astutis e-learners. *PGCODE – Post Graduate Certificate in Online and Distance Education

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Compliance Learning Isn’t Just a Box Ticking Exercise

Written by Helen Hodges on Feb 07 2017

We all appreciate that there's some training that your staff just have to do, so that you can tick the 'compliance' box that says they have been trained in a particular topic. Hopefully your staff will actually learn something new or pick up practical tips to improve their working practices … but this is not always the case.

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Tags: Training for teams/businesses

70-20-10: Learning for Work

Written by Helen Hodges on Aug 17 2016

How do You Learn for Work?

If you are asked if you have undertaken any staff development or training for your job, what do you think about?

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Tags: Health & Safety, Training for teams/businesses

Online Learning - What's Stopping You?

Written by Helen Hodges on Jul 19 2016

Many of you may have heard the drums beating about online learning, virtual or distance learning and how more people are participating in online training courses.

You might be wondering whether it could work for you, but you are worried about whether you or your employees have the expertise to make use of the technology, especially if you are sat on your own with no-one on hand to guide you.

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Exams, Revision, Tomatoes, Flashcards and Voices

Written by Helen Hodges on Jun 03 2014

Exams are in the air at the moment ... especially if you know someone sitting GCSE's, A' levels or even the NEBOSH National Diploma. But how do we prepare for exams? 'Revision' is the word that springs to mind ... the stuff that you do once you have completed the course. This may seem obvious if you are a classroom learner ... but definite study (learning) and revision periods are probably less obvious when you are a distance learner or an online learner.

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