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Do Online Discussion Forums Help Your Learning?

Written by Daniel Kerr MA PGCE on 22 November 2016 12:18:53 GMT

It’s not Just about Passing an Exam

I know that you want to focus on getting through your NEBOSH course and passing the exam. But it's worth stopping to think about why you are doing this course. Is it enough for you to get the  NEBOSH qualification that will help you get that longed for promotion?

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Tags: Advice for learners

The Qualities Offered by Online learning

Written by Daniel Kerr MA PGCE on 18 November 2015 14:08:05 GMT

Can Online Learning be a Worthwhile Choice?

Increasingly popular, online learning offers a flexible alternative to attending a classroom course. The question that many potential learners and companies funding training ask, is just how good can the learning experience offered by these online courses be? Surely, to get the best result and to develop a good understanding of how to apply your new knowledge, you need to spend time in the classroom with other learners and an experienced tutor, don’t you?

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Tags: Advice for learners